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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Liverpool Fan Blocks Mario Balotelli's Melwood Exit And Performs The Ice Bucket Challenge

Gigantic Fissure Splits The Earth OPEN 26Feet Deep And 16Feet Wide In Hermosillo Northwest Mexico

Hamas Militants Execute 18 Palestinian 'SPIES' Suspected Of Collaborating With Israel - 7 In Public Square

Nicki Minaj ANACONDA Bites Backing Dancer During MTV VMA Rehearsal

Miss Spain Patricia Yurena Becomes First Openly Lesbian National Beauty Queen

Jennifer Lopez Talks About Her SEX Life 'I Don't Whore Around' On Chelsea Lately

Italian Men Running Naked Around Barcelona Supermarket Sparks Mass Anti-Drunken Tourists Protests

Chef Cooking Snake Dies After Cobra Bites Him 20 Minutes AFTER Head Was Cut Off