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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

RAW FOOTAGE: Bangalore Woman Brutally Attacked inside ATM

Sachin Tendulkars grand farewell party Bash

Beirut: Fatal blast near Iran's embassy in Beirut killed 15

Dozens Dead as Sardinia hit by deadly cyclone and flooding

Brett Favre Opens Up About Memory Loss, Football Fears

Steve Smith And Aqib Talib Pushing And Shoving Is Early 'Monday Night Football' Highlights

Steve Smith vs. Aquib Talib (Pushing and Shoving)

WATCH: Tom Brokaws Tough Words For Obama

Kejriwal was attacked in AAP press confrence, thrown black paint on face

Rob Ford's latest antics: Knocks down a female city councillor

Maria Bartiromo Jumps From CNBC To Fox Business

Show Your Joe - Kmart's Joe Boxer Christmas Commercial Ad

Monday, 18 November 2013

Lions 'choke to death' lioness Johari in front of visitors at Dallas zoo

HORRIFIC FALL: Fan slides off top deck

Libération newspaper and Société Générale targeted in gun attacks

Martin Bashir: Someone should defecate in Sarah Palin's mouth

Video: Cute kitten barks like a dog

Police investigated after officer opens fire on van full of children

SCARY FOOTAGE: Weather Change in Indianapolis

Road safety campaig: Call to ban car hands-free phones

Nasa's Maven Mars atmosphere mission ready to launch

British sailor Pete Cumming falls off capsized yacht suffers a rib injury

Exclusive Footage captures US Midwest tornadoes

Tornadoes slam Midwest US- Storm Chasing,tornado touching down & Aftermath[MOST SCARY FOOTAGES]

Typhoon Haiyan: Tsunami-like power Destroys House in Seconds (Scary Footage)

Exclusive Interview: Sachin Tendulkar "retired due to body complaining"

Sam Burgess bemused by short-sniffing Female fan

Rugby World Cup 2013: Samoa Dressing Room Dance Moves after 22-6 victory over France

Sebastian Vettel wins U.S Grand Prix 2013 (Winning Celebration Moments)

Sebastian Vettel breaks record with US win

Raw Washington Illinois Tornado (Very Dangerous Tornado)

Breaking News: Egypt train and bus crash kills 24 outside Cairo

Sachin Tendulkar 'I will always be a sportsman': Exclusive First Interview after Retirement

Sunday, 17 November 2013

GRAPHIC WARNING: Japan Features Gay Man Trying To Make Straight Man Climax (NSFW VIDEO)

Melissa Rauch Funny Mast****tion Scene

Giant Marlin vs Fisherman

Eruption video: Mount Etna eruption lights up Sicily skies


Plane crash in Russia kills all 50 on board

Dozens dead' in Russian plane crash

Mount Etna lights up Sicily skies

Jolie and Martin get honorary Oscars

Fresh violence erupts in Libya

Why no Bharat Ratna for Atal Bihari Vajpayee, BJP asks

Police rescued a suicidal man from Verrazano bridge

No regrets of leaving cricket: Sachin Tendulkar

Bill Maher: American people are John Belushi in 'Animal House,' the Supreme Court 'f**ked up' by US

Typhoon Haiyan: Heart Breaking view of Filipinos fights for food from the air

Watch Baby Runs Off immediate after Birth (Hold Tight to Laugh)

Unbelievable but True: Dead Women gave Birth to Baby in Hungary

Chile set for presidential election

Sri Lanka leader abuses UK saying 'people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones'

Rahul Gandhi must say sorry to Muslims for Muzaffarnagar ISI remark: Jairam Ramesh

Whale almost lands on clueless kayakers

Two dead after helicopter crashes into high rise in Seoul

Strip club owner buys house next to ex-wife and erects expensive middle finger statue

India salute 'master blaster' Sachin with Tears Thank You Sachin!

Alec Baldwin suspended by TV network MSNBC after gay slur

Prince Charles does the Hokey Cokey with Sri Lankan School Childrens

Saturday, 16 November 2013

ASTONISHING Video Captures The Unbreakable Bond Between Twins

Natural hot spring ejects water and steam into the air outside of Reykjavik, Iceland

President awards Bharat Ratna to Sachin Tendulkar

Tearful goodbye from Sachin as Team India win Test against Windies 16/11/2013

Tearful Sachin bids ADIEU to cricket 16/11/2013 (Historic Farewell)

David Cameron calls for war crimes inquiry in Sri Lanka HD

UB Moments: (HR Violated)Rajapaksa Shake Hands with David Cameron ((who has defied boycott)

Batkid Saves San Francisco Gotham City

Snake smuggler foiled in Shanghai airport 121 snakes found in suitcase

Sri Lankan's protests as David Cameron visits CommonWealth (who has defied boycott)

The Fastest 100m on All Fours! - Guinness World Records Day 2013

San Francisco to help turn Miles, 5, into Batman with Make-a-Wish foundation

Melissa Bachman sparks anger after posting picture of lion she shot 'dead' on Twitter

White homeowner charged with MURDER shooting dead 'drunk' black girl, knocked for help after crash

The first walk on the ice

Friday, 15 November 2013

Georgia deputy sheriff Chad Palmer in blackface as an inmate 'picking cotton' for Halloween party

Shocking Video Two Homes Collapse Into Sinkhole In Florida, Sinkhole Opens Near Dunedin

New Orleans Bridge Shooting: Man, Baby Fatally Shot In Apparent Ambush

Obama Full Speech on Obamacare Disaster & Promise to fix healthcare 'fumble'

San Francisco train leaves without driver

Watch: Checking safety on volvo buses

Typhoon Haiyan: Heartbreaking Video From where typhoon first hit

Typhoon Haiyan aftermath 'apocalyptic scene'

Religious tensions rise in Sri Lanka

'Project Spade' busted hundreds in Canada on Child Pornography

Thursday, 14 November 2013

12 injured in explosion inside Tata Steel factory

Brian Lara & Aamir Khan wish Sachin Tendulkar

Dai Macedo, 25, has been declared the winner of Brazil's Miss Bum Bum contest

AAP's vulgar attempt to grab eyeballs

CCTV Footage: Trailer truck hits tunnel roof and gets stuck in Sydney

Aid ship reaches Tacloban but people desperate to leave

why do cricket fans love tendulkar?

Kailash Kher's song for sachin Tendulkar

The Culture Show: Gaga - The Mother Monster

Malayalam actor Augustine Passes away at 58

HEATED Councillor Humiliates Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Iam Not A Crack User

Detroit reporter Lauren Podell's epic F***ing bomb floors newsreader

A Nasty Surprise for Lawrence After Oscar Win

Typhoon Haiyan affected areas bear risk of disease spreading

Fake ash cloud created for new plane equipment tests

HEATED Councillor Humiliates Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Iam Not A Crack User

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Model spills secrets about night of passion with Justin Bieber

Prince Charles raises concerns for British farmers future

Typhoon Haiyan: Life inside makeshift Tacloban shelter

Stars perform at Children in Need Rocks concert

MP 14 labourers killed in a truck accident

Haiyan survivor: My family is all gone

Graphic footage Angry Shiites beat up foreign security advisor in Iraq Rumaila oilfield [+18 Only]

HD New Baby Pandas Being Trained In China

3 Special types of aid needed in Philippines

Debo pre surgery dance off Dedication to Good Morning America's anchor Amy Robach

Arab Spring bad for women's rights

Good Morning America's anchor Amy Robach finds cancer after TV mammogram

Lady Gaga: I was addicted to marijuana (Admitted in American radio)

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Miley Cyrus says she's 'one of the biggest feminists'

China: Moment dredger hits bridge in Typhoon Haiyan

Typhoon Haiyan: Philippines Residents forced into Tacloban Airport

Young jobless in France lack opportunities

US aircraft carrier 'going fast as it can'

Model's Breastfeed costs 100000 yuan !!!

Black Buck case Court permits Salman to leave country

BJP responsible for lack of development in Chhattisgarh: Sonia

Harlem William 'Bull' Bullard escapes with minor injuries as backboard smashes beside him

Baron Cohen prank shocks audience

Philippines typhoon: Planes too big for runway

Falkland farewell for 'Space Ferrari - Goce satellite'